Naming Convention


  • AUDIENCE BA 2016 BizMix at Monaco Hotel
  • EVENT FL 2016 BPTW
  • EVENT FL 2016 BPTW 5.16.16
  • THANK YOU CH 2017 40 Under 40

Listing Panelists/Honorees in Emails

  • No more than 10 headshots.
  • No more than 10 listed names and they must be set in column formatting.

Sending Limitations

  • Only 1 mass email should be sent per day.
  • No more than 3 mass sends plus connections in any given week.
  • We recommend no more than 6 emails sent per event or nomination.
  • We recommend email sends begin MAX 8 weeks out from event date or deadline.

Advertising Sends

  • Only one send is permitted per quarter.

Data Extensions and Lists

  • Data Extensions are created for all event registrations, nominators and nominees as it applies.
  • Data Extensions will only capture emails correctly if the event is setup in ADMIN as the correct type (People, Company, and Deal.)
  • Event IDs must be linked to the nominations prior to email sends in order for the system to collect emails for nominators and nominees.
  • Lists may be provided at least 24 hours before send if you wish to send to specific group of individuals that cannot be pulled from our extension database; please provide in excel and .csv format. Corporate reserves the right to deny lists due to inadequate information or violation of privacy/company policy.
  • We do not upload lists from SalesForce.
  • Emails are sent as follows if not indicated otherwise:
    • Event Registrations (Includes anyone who has ever registered for an event and provided their email).
    • Event Announcements (Includes anyone who has signed up through our website but not yet attended an event).
    • Local Announcements (Includes anyone who has signed up through our website or old publisher list).
    • Exclude all who have already registered or nominated
    • Nominees (Includes anyone who has ever been nominated for an event).
    • Nominators (Includes anyone who has ever filled out a nomination application for an event).